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The closing day of the 350 years celebration of the congregation of the Lovers of the Cross in Thailand was concluded at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Martyrs, Song Khon, located in Mukdahan Province of the northeastern Thailand.  The Eucharistic celebration presided by H.E. Archbishop Anton Viradaet Jaiseri, the Archbishop of Tharae- Nong Saeng Diocese with many other bishops and priests who attended the occasion last September 9, 2023.

Hmong Catechists Training

Ten Laotian Hmong Christian leaders attended the Catechist formation and the Catholic beliefs training from September 10-20, 2023, at the Hmong International Catholic Center, Chom Thong District. The training course was opened with the Eucharistic celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Joseph Narongchai Mansueksa. The teachers were coming from the Redemptorist parish composed of 6 present and retired Hmong Catechists who were very willing to help in the training. It included the visitation of the different Christian villages in addition to classroom training. It was both theoretical and practical training with Father Somsak Saenyakul, a Hmong priest from Nakhon Sawan who was the main teacher. On the last day, September 21, 2023, they visited the Sacred Heart Cathedral and the Hmong Catholic Center in Chiang Mai.

Happy 53rd Birthday to Sacred Heart Credit Union

To celebrate the birthday of the Credit Union of SH Chiang Mai a mini fair was set up to create a cheerful family atmosphere. There were different booths where several products were on display and delicious local food were served. The event was very succesful thanks to the collaboration of the members and the organizing committee.

The Art of Christian Love

This Sunday, 17th September, a Team from the Focolare was invited to do an activity with the children in the parish of the Epiphany Church in Fang, Chiang Mai. A 3 hour- drive from the city of Chiang Mai through winding road in the midst of the green, lush trees and mountains. The group was welcomed warmly by the parish priest-Rev. Fr. Peter Nonthaphat Mayoe, SCJ who celebrated the Sunday mass. The Presentations Sisters: Sr. Anice and Sr. Elizabeth were just as happy as the team to meet once again. The activities’ theme was on the “Art of Loving”.  The cube of love as it is popularly known is a tool to teach in the way of Christian love. Chiara Lubich, the foundress of the Focolare Movement taught this techniques when speaking not only with children but with adults of different status. In synthesis: a) Love everyone; b) Be the first to love; c) Love always; d) Love one another; e) Love others as yourself; f) Make yourself one with the others. The theme was reinforced with experiences, games, songs and dances. The 76 children and adults had a lot of fun while learning the basics of Christian love.

The Nativity of Our Lady and 70th year of Bro. Anek Michael -the Pioneer of Legion of Mary in Thailand

On Saturday, September 10, 2023, the Legion of Mary, Chiang Mai Diocese had a special thanksgiving ceremony on the occasion of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Sacred Heart Cathedral presided by Father Paul Phichit C.- assistant parish priest.  It was attended by the members in Chiang Mai and representatives from other districts coming from the highlands with the youth from Ban Yaowa Satri Niramon who sang during the ceremony. Brother Anek Michael is the first legionary in Thailand and it has been 70 years (8 September 1953-2023) of being faithful. Congratulations and may the Virgin Mother continue to guide the Church with her maternal care.

International Coffee Tasting 2023 in Italy

Bruno Coffee in Lampang province which is run by Rev. Fr. Bruno Rossi participated in the “International Coffee Tasting 2023” competition in Italy this year.  Bruno Coffee already had established its brand name, after competing with 149 countries around the world, with his entry of Bruno coffee-Espresso (medium roast), he garnered the 1st place way back in 2014. This year, he introduced his “Bruno coffee-Eccelente” (excellent), a premium medium roast coffee.  He won the world –class gold-medal prize!

This project started small with the idea that Fr. Bruno wanted to help the underprivileged children in the Queen of Peace parish at Chae Hom district where he was assigned.  He wished the children can receive good education and have a better future.  This inspiration slowly came to reality. They produce coffee and purchase coffee beans from the villagers. It also aimed to make a world class quality coffee for coffee lovers. This project is under the Laudato Si Social Enterprise. Recently, the Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Lampang Office, together with the team visited The Bruno Coffee Shop.  They took a tour of the coffee roasting factory and Fr. Bruno explained how to roast coffee. They had a wonderful coffee time at the Bruno Coffee shop. This visit was featured in the NBT North news broadcast of 16th September 2023.

Vocation Day 2023

On Sunday, September 17, 2023, Sacred Heart Cathedral Chiang Mai organized a display on the occasion of the “Vocation Day” by the various religious congregations who are working in the Diocese of Chiang Mai.  A booth was set up by each where the visitors are welcomed to come in and ask questions. There were the 4 major congregations 1. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Bangkok; 2. The Ursuline of the Roman Union; 3. The Brothers of St. Gabriel (Montfort); 4. Saint Francis Xavier Minor Seminary of Lampang, Chiang Mai diocese!

Chiang Mai Diocese Elderly Catholics

Chiang Mai Diocese organized a gathering of Catholic Elders at diocesan level for the year 2023. The theme is “Elderly people do not abandon each other, they walk together”.  On the first day, the opening mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Durongrit Krabuansiri while Rev. Father Prachuapchok Trisopa, who is the spiritual director of the Catholic Elderly Committee of Chiang Mai Diocese explained the aim and objectives of the gathering.  An evening photo activity for the elderly of various groups was taken.  In the morning session of September 16, 2023, Father Prachuapchoke Trisopa shared the mission and work of the elderly in various areas that are ongoing. It was followed by a talk about holistic health care for the elderly by Asst. Prof. Dr. Ratthaphong Sangnun and recommended exercises suitable for the elderly by Asst. Prof. Srinuan Wiwatkhunupakarn and Ms. Thapana Sophadaeng.  The team of volunteers caring for the elderly presented certificates of honor to 14 exemplary Catholic elders and 12 grateful children, presided over by Rev. Father Boonlert Sangkusolnaiphasutha, the Vicar general of the diocese of Chiang Mai. Grateful to all who made the 2 days gathering a successful one especially those who have given up their time to love and serve the elderly.

Thailand Bible Society (TBS)

On September 23, 2023, the annual General Assembly of the Thailand Bible Society was held at New Nimitmai Church, Phayathai.  There were 80 people attending the assembly.  It began with a welcome speech and opening prayer for the meeting by Ajarn Prakit Tritasayut, followed by worship with music by Ajarn Phawana Itthipuwadon. H. E. Bishop Francis Xavier Vira introduced the Word of 1 Sam 2:1-2 and followed with a discussion about 1 Sam 2: 1-2  by Rev. Dr. Seri Lorkanpai, Ajarn Panya Chochaichan, Ajarn Wirawi. Mr. Rasmitath and Ajarn Prakit Tritasayut  who were the presenters. A report on the operations of the association was delivered by Ajarn Prakit Tritasayut and the financial report by Dr. Nuroj Panich. Closing Prayer was led by Rev. Dr. Manoch Chaengmuk.              

Young Seamstresses of Baan Marina, Chiang Mai

Sister Paulee Wasinprasert, the Superior of Baan Marina in Chiang Mai organized a thanksgiving mass on the occasion of the end of school year.   It was on Monday, September 18, 2023 presided by H.E. Bishop F.X. Vira A. and concelebrated by Father James Thanit Panmaneekul, SCJ. Certificates were awarded to seven young women who completed the 2-year dressmaking course.  After dinner, performances by all youth groups including the 4 girls who are staying in Baan Marina, Lamphun.  It was the late Monsignor Lucien Lacoste who invited the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary (Congregation of the Marina Sisters) to come and work in Chiang Mai with those who are underprivileged since December 21, 1965.

Interreligious Dialogue in Lamphun Province

On September 23, 2023, Father Bruno Soppelsa, Ajarn Wisan Ngamsak and Sr. Saowanee Namnuan participated as representatives of the Christian group of Lamphun province to a field trip activity on Interreligious Dialogue in Building Unity among the Three Religions. This activity is under the Lamphun Province Interreligious Dialogue Project of which Father Bruno Soppelsa was appointed as a committee member of the “Lamphun Province Interreligious Dialogue Committee”.  He was appointed by Governor Santhithorn Yimlamai of Lamphun Province on 26th July 2023, with two years working term from the date of appointment.

World Sign Language Day

The United Nations designates every 23rd September of every year as World Sign Language Day; an important international day to raise awareness of the human rights of deaf people. The aim is for everyone to be able to understand each other through the use of sign language.  Data from the World Association of the Deaf (WDF) reveals that there are currently more than 70 million people worldwide who are deaf, with over 80% living in developing countries. There are over 300 sign languages in use today which is considered to be very diverse and we should not overlook these sign languages.

         Understanding impaired people can help live their lives normally, they are also people like all the others though different. All you need is some sign language and communication knowledge.   For more info please contact below:

Email: [email protected]                                     

IG: pmd.thailand;  LineID : pmd.thai; FB : Department of Intensive Care for the Deaf

YOUTUBE : Department of Intensive Care for the Deaf Media produced by the Department of Intensive Care for the Deaf, Catholic Bishops’ Council of Thailand  (Pastoral Ministry for the Deaf)