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It’s summer holidays for the school children and youth. Everyone tries to make this period worthwhile. This Saturday and Sunday -April 1-2, 2023; we had a workshop with the children from 2 mooban: Sriping Mueng and Huay Som. We took the Golden Rule as our motto that says “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. We thought of starting with our neighbors in Myanmar. Many Refugees along the border of Thailand and Myanmar – in particular @ Etutha Camp situated at Thai-Myanmar border near Salween River bank- among the internally displaced civilians. These children and youth must continue life so there are temporary schools provided by people who care.

The needs are too many however, we can start with small things, so with the children aged 9 -17 years, we started RECYCLING notebooks from a school in Chiangmai. Since classes just ended and school supplies are still in good conditions, we did a workshop of removing the used pages and renewing the cover. Recycling is saving trees; lessen the trash and we show we care for our neighbors and our environment. These finished notebooks will be sent to the border before classes starts in the middle of May 2023. They would still need pencils and pens and other school supplies. This project is ongoing. If you (are reading this) know someone who wished to join our small project, we are happy to welcome him/her to the team.

Please contact Jono or Santa at
[email protected]